Thursday, February 26, 2009


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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

NEW CRICKET RULE-umpire decision can be contested

Now the cricket players in the field are going to have an great advantage of asking Tv umpires to review the decision made by umpires in the field,either the fielding team captain or batsman can make an appeal to the umpires to ask third umpire.If the Tv umpire says that the decision is wright then the players should proceed accordingly on the other hand if he changes the decision then it will be an advantage for the team which had made the appeal.The team can make use of this advantage only 3 times but if in any of those case,if that particular team which had made the appeal got it wright then they will have an option of one more appeal.This rule was framed by ICC in march of this year and they decided to implement it during upcoming southafrica vs england series,but due to some legal problem with those particular board regarding this rule they have decided to implement it in India vs srilanka series.The player can make the appeal by making 'T' symbol.This rule is applicable to all kind of dismissals except for the 'timed out' format where the batsman is out if he takes too long time to come to the crease.This rule is going to put an additional pressure on the umpires but on the other hand going to provide advantage to the players.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


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Astronomers have discovered the strongest ever gamma ray explosion,exceeding the power of some 9000 exploding stars,in the deep-space constellation Carina.Infact the spectacular blast was found out byFermi Gamma-ray telescope,a collaboration among NASA,the US department of Energy and International partners,and its other Gamma-Ray instrument Gamma-Ray Burst Moniter,recorded the event together,the two instruments have provided the view of the Bursts Gamma-Ray emissions from the range of 3000 to 5billion times of the energy of visible light.subsequently a team led by the Max Plank Institute for Extraterrestial physics in Germany established that the blast occured 12.2 billion light years away using the Gamma-ray burst optical/near infra-red Detector on the telescope at the European Southern observatory in La Silla,Chile.


Again the talent of the little super star simbu is proven in the film kulir.
The film which makes to speak all about the lost friend in one song.
The lyrics make the true friendship alive to those who are gifted by the god.
The recent film which shows the heuristic role for simbu but it makes a different
Move in the youth hearts.

The magical word friendship is used very effectively in the single song ‘manasellam’.
The rape in between is also pleasant to hear and it adds the emotional
feelings too. The kulir is the name of the next simbu film which already got the hit song
about the past happening of the true friend. The song ends with word “friend came to an
End” but for the true friendship “ it never comes to an end”.

Heavenly Place In White-Sand Beaches of Riviera

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Hair fluid

Many people will move around all over the places for various businesses
But they have no caution about their hair. Take care of it is very important and it
Is the biggest personality issue too. For that the hair moisture and all herbal ingredients
Will make the hair rich and strong.

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After the regular hair wash with any shampoo don’t fail to apply gently on hair
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rough, tangled ,frizzy and even the unmanageable hair .

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Dhoni is becoming the most attractive player in the history of Indian cricket.I am not sure whether constructing temple for him is an very appropriate work, but it all shows how popular he is in among the cricket fans.He is considering each and every series as as fresh one and not been influenced with the previous tour.He as acquired the top position in the ODI rating too, hence he is no where down in his performance after being an captain for these days.i wish him all the success.