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With the advancements in technology life has become easier and more comfortable in this earth.Gadgets are making human life more comfort and compact and to do wonders.The very highlighting feature is most of the gadgets are compact, light in weight and smart devices which does multiple functions due to which our task becomes easier.Many small gadgets are portable too.The access that they offer in an amazing feature.Various gadgets serve great purpose,such as computer brings the entire world before us,mobiles used to connect to any one in any part of the world,Cleaners cleans our home and reduce our home cleaning jobs,audio gadgets that allows access to listening music, recording voices, etc.

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Three things to love Courage,gentleness and affection.
Three things to hate Cruelty,arrogance and ingratitude.
Three things to grove Temper,tongue and conduct.
Three things to do Think,live and act
Three things to think of Life,death and eternity.


Behind every successful man there is a lot of unsuccessful years.
A rumor without a leg to stand on will get around some other way.
A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you are in deep water.
The only reason some people get lost in thoughts is because it is unfamiliar territory.
Good men prefer to be accountable


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Arena of land rover

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Always try to be cool.If you are going to be tensed so often.then you may end up with many nervous problems and many other disease.Due to tension you may loose your control,your hair,your precious time and even surveys says that,their will be reduction in your life span too.Hence please do not waste your life on this earth by getting tensed and angry.Try to be cool and take the necessary steps for it such as deep sleep,yoga etc.


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National Institute of Oceanography (NIO)

National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Goa, had conducted offshore archaeological investigations in the same area in the late 1980s using an instrument called Side scan Scanner. One man-made structure in particular was singled out for investigation in 1991 and 1993. The drivers also found a horse-shoe-shaped object at a depth of 23 meters.

Onshore exploration near Chinnavanagiri, south of Poompuhar revealed a ring well along with megalithic black and red wares. A few ring wells were also found near Vanagiri, Tranquebar and Poompuhar. A Sangam period brick structure was unearthed near the present Kannagi statue at Poompuhar. Another L-shaped brick structure was also noticed at low tide, suggesting that a large part of ancient city of Poompuhar must have been submerged in the sea.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Perfect Fitness

Fitness is not just about exercise and gyms, but an education on the resources essential for the physical and mental well being of a person. It not just about having a “SIX pack” or an “Eight pack”, but having a good physique free from disease and other illness. Fitness also means having a healthy diet routine which includes selecting right kind of food, improving mental alertness, and also mental health. The diet which we follow must not only enrich our body, but also must enrich our mind and soul. Fitness must also free persons from hypertensions, blood pressure and coronary heart diseases. Today’s corporate working environment is such that they strain the people to an extent that the people wear out within a decade of working. So person must maintain a good physique as well as good mental strength. The answer for this comes in the form of yoga’s and meditations. This yoga tunes each and every part of our body and helps to maintain a good physical strength and meditations provide good mental strength


Accupuncture is the treatment system for ailments by their intersection of needles at some definite points in the body.This system is mainly re practiced in china.It is now getting its popularity in the west slowly.
Allopathy is the medical system that is been practiced in western countries.This particular name was given by Hahnemann and he was used to distinguish his own medical way of approach with the orthodox medical practice.
Ayurveda is the science of medicine discovered by Hindus,dealing very largely with the numerous ways to prevent the diseases and methods for living an healthy life.
Unani is the medical system invented by Muslim hakims having resemblances to ayurveda in treatment.
Homeopathy is the best medical system involving minute doses of medicines to cure the diseases.They do not involve any complications and side effects.
Siddha is the system vogue in south India which makes use of specially prepared mercurial and copper compounds

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fenphedra for an good health

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India made it possible with the greater ease.The third ODI between India and srilanka took place at premedasa stadium in srilanka.The match started with Indians batting first and inspite of loosing some early wickets,with the help of Dhoni,Indians were able to reach an respectable total of 237.The Indian bowling attack were fabulous right from the begining.Zaheer and praveen kumar helped India to pick wickets in regular interval.At one stage srilanka were in deep trouble with an score of 94 for the loss of seven wickets.It seemed to be lankan batting line up will be rooted within 150,but due to extradinory batting talent of jayawardane, lankans managed to continue their fight.But at the end the captains knock dint helped the lankans and hence Indians ended up with the great victory.Now India will be looking to win the series as they are having 2-1 lead.


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India and srilanka

The third ODI match between India and srilanka is been called off due to rain.But the cricket fans need not worry because the match is scheduled for tomorrow,since they already plane for an reserve day.Since the pitch is going to have great amount of moisture in it,the batsmans will be having an tough time.India is having an good batting line up and hence we can hope the best from India tomorrow to grab the series and return home with an pride.

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A sense of quilt deprives peace of mind,
Try to eliminate it from your mind,
Have spiritual operation of your mind,
And remove all moral festers from your mind.
Ask a very simple question from your mind,Am i doing anything wrong of any kind?
As soon as the moral wrong goes out;peace of mind will enter,
You will feel a great change in your mind's center.
Old sins great a deep sense of guilt in future life,
Causing fears &tensions for a long time in life,
Remove your sense of guilt if you want peace of mind,
otherwise it will harm your body and mind.

slimming tablets for you

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Amazing facts:
The cost of a space shuttle is 44,00,00,000.
About 3,00,00,000 pencils can be manufactured from a single tree.
There are about 50,00,000 microorganism in an single scoop of sea water.
Sharks lay the largest eggs in the world.
The deepest part of the ocean if 35,813 feet depth and occurs at the marina trench in the pacific ocean.


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With fabulous ending ceremony the great 2008 olympics got ended today.The host country china is known for its great way of conducting the Olympic games.Right from the inaugural moment the temper shown by the host country towards this event was fabulous.China as usual won the first position in Olympics 2008.They won 51 gold medals and in total 100 medals.America won the second position with 35 gold medals and in overall they have won 110 medals.India ended up with 50 th position in the olympics with one gold medal for its credit.In the Indian history of olympics,for the first time India have registered itself among the top 50 countries in olympics result.Speaking about the ending ceremony it was something unbelievable show.The entire stadium was rocked with the crackers and lights all around.The entire picture is quite nice for the eyes to watch upon.The coordination within the million volunteers and show performers was superb.The emotional moment in the show took place when the Olympic flag was handed over to London at the end,the host for the next Olympic 2012.Now it is pressure for London to meet the high standard that is been set by china for the Olympic game.


Don bradman would have been the worried person at the time of his resigning.This is because he ended with an average of 99.4 but on the other hand if he had got 4 more runs then he would have got an average of 100.At his final innings he got out without scoring a run,that is the most disappointing reason for not ending his career with an average of 100.Hope now nothing to think about the past since he was an outstanding batsman proved himself to be the best example for any cricketer in the world for ever.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

University of Maryland Medical Center

University of Maryland Medical Center is the most prestigious and oldest academic medical center of Maryland.They have the best infrastructure and all types of facility for the patients.They have special and separate units for every kind of treatment with the most experienced physicians, nurses and health care providers.With the great experience and stuff they are able to provide the effective and quality treatment for more than four Lakh people including in and out patients.They have the world's first center opened for saving the people from life-threatening injuries.
University of Maryland Medical Center is inbuilt with efficient and separate units to cure cancer,cardiac diseases,child problems,pancreas transplantations,mitral valve repair etc.You can also find the best treatment for diabetes,Parkinson's diseases etc.There researches have proved to be successful and patient friendly.They are advancing them self in surgery and technology day by day.If you are having any mitral valve problems then this is the best destination for getting cured.Mitral valve surgery is done efficiently and with hundred percent patient friendly methods.Mitral valve replacement is done with most efficient doctors and they have proved to be success in their medical history.Compared to many other health cares University of Maryland Medical Center is providing the best patient friendly and quality treatment at an affordable price range.They are concentrating more on patients safety and accessibility.
Their homepage itself contains all the required informations.There you can come across informations for patients,visitors,physicians referred,news media etc.So by entering this website you can come across various details about University of Maryland Medical Center indepth such as events and news about them,their services,health library etc.You can easily find the doctor you prefer and fix the appointment through the website itself.You need not live in Maryland to get in touch with them by simply accessing their informative website you can get in contact with them.You will be guided properly by them to the best treatment for your problem and hence do not waste time and get into this website.

Memorable days

For the past three years me and my friends use to do service for the good life orphanage home in Tambaram.We use to collect money within us and buy some essential commodities for those children.We will be spending few hours there with the children and use to have great fun with them.All these days are memorable in my life throughout.Being completed my B.E i think it will be difficult for me to to do the service along with my friends all together in future.Every one is going to be busy with their own job and hence doing service together is going to be a tough task.I pray the god to give many memorable days like this in future,where i should spend more time with my beloved friends and services like this.

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Planting tress

Planting tress is most important for us to protect our earth.If there is going to be a great loss due to natural calamity then we can have the same nature to reduce the effect of calamity.Thick forests,green vegetations,trees all not only give food and shelter for the animals and humans but also helps in reducing the effect of natural calamity.For example the effect of tsunami was under control in those coastal areas covered with forests and trees.So it is our duty to plant more trees and especially in preserving them.

LifeLock review

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India in Olympics

India have won one more medal.After 22 years they have obtained an gold medal in Olympics.Now adding to this joy they have obtained one more medal.Now India have acquired 2 medals and been placed in 42 position.It is all in the hands of government to support and encourage the players to win the medals.they should make many opportunities and exposures for the players to prove themselves.

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Lap-band surgery!

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If 2*6=6 and 7*13=18,then what is the value of 29*56?
If 42+60=36 and 79 + 28=160 then what is the value of 249+63?
If the word "REJECTION" is coded as OPJUDFKFS then how will you code the following words?
If the word "oppose"=12 and "retains"=14,then what is the value of "park"?
If "examination"=121 and "paper"=25,then what is the value of "Treasure"?

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The city of Marietta is great to visit is in the noth atlanta region.Marietta will give you the clear idea of various utilities,park and other kind of facilities available here through this apartment.Apart from Marietta apartments you can come across various other Marietta restaurants,shopping complex,recycling facility details.The great activities carried out here are something amazing to watch upon.In this site you can come across hundred and eleven ways to conserve water in the additional link column provided.As the development process is at its peak you can come across various new homes,town,flats and condominiums are growing up.In this city you can find safe and well maintained housing facilities for the people.Transportation facility is amazing and people find it easy to travel to any place in no time.They are providing an good first-class education facility.This city is great for tourism and it is getting more and more visitors from all the places day by day.All over the world people knew about this city and if you need to come or north Atlanta during your vacation's then this city should be your choice.The days here will be in memory for ever,such an beautiful city to live.Just by entering this website Marietta apartments you can come to know more details.Please have a visit.


Amar goes to the house of his sister sita who is the neighbor of geeta.Geeta has a daughter meera.Meera studies in the first year of college.Ashu is the father of amar and is married to anajali and has a sister who is geeta.
Now answer these questions?
How is geeta related to amar?
How is ashu related to sita?
How is meera related to amar?
How is geeta related to anjali?

give your answers,soon i will post the correct answers for you based on your response.And will also post the name of those people who give the correct answers in my blog.

logo designs

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blood relations based questions!

How is my mother's brother's only sibling son related to me?
How is my mother's sister's brother's wife child related to me.
What is my father,s wife,s grandfather's only child's son's daughter to me?
C's mother says to c,"My mother has a son whose son is A.""What is A to C?
X's father has a son Y who has an aunt Z who as an Husband K whose father-in law is M.What could be M to X?
A's father has a mother K Whose husband is T and who has a brotherM whose grand daughter is S.What is S to A.!

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Exams are like girl friends

Exams are like girl friends
too many questions
Difficult to understand
More explanation is needed
Result is always FAIL.

Friday, August 15, 2008



Ovation credit service!

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Radio took about 38 years to gain million listeners.
TV took about 13 years to have 50 million viewers.
The internet took only 4 years to get 50 million users.
A German man named Benz came up with the first true petrol-powered car.He named it after his daughter,mercedes.
The ice fish of artic ocean has a kind of natural 'anti freeze' in its blood.


Vishal have started to give rocking performances in his career.Being the great fan of vishal i like his action roles.He is having good look and suits best as an hero compared to other heroes in the favorite is 'sandakozhi'.After superstar my favourite is vishal.All his first 3 movies were hit and now i am looking forward for his movie satyam.Soon i will review the movie in my forthcoming articles.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


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Subramaniam Badrinath

S. Badrinath was born on August 30, 1980, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. His Current age is 27 years 349 days. He has played in many Major teams like Chennai Super Kings, India Red, Indian Board President's XI and Tamil Nadu. He is a Right-hand batsman and he also bowls off break.

In his First class career, he has played 63 matches and scored 4576 at an average of 56.49 and his highest of 206*.

S Badrinath has been batting for Tamil Nadu in the last three seasons; he was a captain for the last two seasons. In 2005-06 he nearly topped the batting charts with 636 runs from 7 matches. In 2006-07 he managed to score436 runs. He is an excellent fielder at point, and elsewhere in the circle. In 2007, he scored many runs for India A on their tours to Zimbabwe and Kenya, and in the home series against South Africa A. In October, he was called-up to the ODI squad against Australia, but he dint get a chance to play a game. Then He was dropped in the series against Pakistan. After being ignored for ten months, now he has been selected as a replacement for Sachin in this ODI series against Sri Lanka.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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10 Steps to speed up your PC

Run any program after your PC Boots up completely.
Always Refresh the desktop after closing any application. This will remove all unused files in the RAM.
Do not use a very large file sized images as your wallpaper. If your PC is has low RAM (128 MB) Do not keep any wallpaper.
Do not have lot of shortcuts in your Desktop. Each shortcut in your desktop uses 500 bytes of RAM
Empty the recycle bin regularly, so that the deleted documents are removed from the hard disk completely.
Always delete the temporary internet files.
Do disk Defragmenter for your hard drive once every two months. This frees up lots of space in your hard disk and it rearranges the files so that applications run faster.
Keep the C Drive as empty as possible. Always select 2 partitions in your hard disk during installation of windows for your computer. Install all large Software in the second Drive. Windows will use all the available free space in your C drive as virtual memory when your RAM is fully used.
While installing new Software always disable the option of having a tray icon. This tray icons use RAM spaces, and slows down the booting speed of your PC.
Always keep your PC away from dust. Dust jams the CPU’s cooling fan and slow down the fan, thereby it gradually heats up your CPU and affects the processing speed. Never use vacuum cleaner to clean the dust, instead use compressed air to blow out dust from your CPU.

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It was quite amazing and still seems to be an wondering one,that we have won the gold medal in Olympics.It was a thirst for all these years that we are not able to win even one gold in the Olympics.But ABHINAV BINDARA have made it possible for the country.India is land of vast talents,but still we are in search of people to get the gold medal for our country.I think this is not going to be fair on our path.We should try to spot out the talents and should give proper coaching for them to win medals for our country.China is simply superb in this aspect and make everyone in the country ot excel in sports and athletic events right from their small age.We should learn more from them.I wish India to win more medals in this Olympic game.

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1)The distance between two stations p and q is 300 km.Two trains A and B travel at 40 km/Hr and 60 km/Hr respectively towards each other.Now train A leaves at 9:am from p towards q and halts for 10 min after traveling for an hour.Train B starts at 10:am from q towards p and halts only once at the midpoint for half an hour.How far from p do these trains meet?
2)In a trapezium it was found that the sum of the squares of the diagnols is less than the sum of the squares of the sides by 144 cm sq.If the shorter side is 9 cm long,find the
length of the longer parallel side(in cm).
3)A man sells two scooters for rs 12000 each.He makes a profit of 20 percentage on one and loss of 20 percentage on the other scooter.The percentage of the profit/loss on the whole for that person?
4)The cost of 5 pens,11 erasers and a sharpener is rs 64.The cost of 7 pens,16 erasers and a sharpener is rs 90.Find the total cost of 1 pen,1 eraser and one sharpener,in rupees.

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Chitla Premier League

Well , to say about this Chitla Premier League(CPL) , is just an imitation of Indian Premier League(IPL) . Its the tournament name for our players .Daily we will start our game at 16:00(+05:30 GMT) .Two teams will play daily about 4 matches with 8overs per team in each game .Of course, there will be no final in this game because each match is like a final , only two teams... and very thrilling low score match .And at the end of the day the winning team will give party to the other team . This is the MoU signed between the two captains .There are totally of three official grounds used to play in this tournament . They are Melbourne,Parkstreet and Splendour . To say about the area of each ground,Splendour is the biggest ground . Unfortunately, we are unable to continue our game there due to lack of players in our league :) .Next is the Park street, this ground came into existence when we lost our melbourne pitch because of the land owners . They asked about Rs.500 per head to continue our game there in melbourne . Thank god, this was happened only at the last match of the 1st stage . So, at present we are continuing this 2nd stage of tournament in this ground .I am saying in stages with respect to the size of the ground . And the next is Brabourne . And here, i must say about the Park street . This is the kind of ground where many celebrities will rush to watch the match because, they are the owner of the ground .Milk man(cow), The watch man(dog), The Yama in hindu mythology (buffalo), A lengthy flexible pipe(snake) . In future they may also join our team it seems :P . And it goes on day by day. One thing i am sure .."At one day this CPL will get past IPL in terms of performance of players" . for you!

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100 DOORS IN A ROW !!!!!

Problem: you have 100 doors in a row that are all initially closed. you make 100 passes by the doors starting with the first door every time. the first time through you visit every door and toggle the door (if the door is closed, you open it, if its open, you close it). the second time you only visit every 2nd door (door #2, #4, #6). the third time, every 3rd door (door #3, #6, #9), etc, until you only visit the 100th door.
Question: what state are the doors in after the last pass? which are open which are closed
Solution: you can figure out that for any given door, say door #42, you will visit it for every divisor it has. so 42 has 1 & 42, 2 & 21, 3 & 14, 6 & 7. so on pass 1 i will open the door, pass 2 i will close it, pass 3 open, pass 6 close, pass 7 open, pass 14 close, pass 21 open, pass 42 close. for every pair of divisors the door will just end up back in its initial state. so you might think that every door will end up closed? well what about door #9. 9 has the divisors 1 & 9, 3 & 3. but 3 is repeated because 9 is a perfect square, so you will only visit door #9, on pass 1, 3, and 9... leaving it open at the end. only perfect square doors will be open at the end.

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Solar Impulse is the recent innovation in the field of aircraft which aims at fuel-less air travel around the globe.Actually due to less availability of white petrol scientists have come with this good alternative idea which is under research.The technology mainly aims in using renewable source of energy mainly sunlight instead of fuels.The working principle of this aircraft is, it produces electricity from sun rays by using the metal plates in the top surface and stores that in the battery and use that to run the flight.The construction comprises light-weight and super strong carbon fiber, and covered with a thin layer of high powered photovoltaics.A model of this working principle was displayed in a aeroplane in paris.The main advantage of this plane is loss of traveling charge that is null fuel cost.The disadvantage of this aeroplane is that it can hold only 3 persons and it can travel at maximum with 40mph speed.It have a reduced efficiency in darkness.All these drawbacks pose a challenge in implementing this project.It is expected that in next 3 years this project will be implemented and will be used by public.The project’s goals include a transatlantic crossing in 2011 and let us also hope for it's success.

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acne treatment

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India is looking good in their performance from the last test match.Only the openers are founding the good platform for the match but on the other hand the elder players are not able to do their best.I think leaving gangully,dravid for the forthcoming one day games is not an bad idea.Let them have some rest and practice well in the local games and in that process they are also giving chances to the younger players inorder to express their talents.Robin uthappa,gambir,rohit sharma are all in their best and should try to utilize the chance given to them

acne treatment

Acne scars are registered in body after that particular person has had acne.There are two types of acne scars. Pitted scars happen occurs when the underlying skin tissue get damaged. Pigmented scars are left behind after the acne has cleared up. Acne scars could take even twelve months to get heal on their own.However, different people may take longer to heal from acne scars.It is best to use an acne treatment as soon as possible after the scars appear.If you do not know where to look upon to get this treatment,then i will guide is the best website for getting all the necessary details regarding the acne treatments.You can find many kind of quality and affordable medical products to get rid of acne.Safety,Efficacy,Value of the ingredients used,quality,customer satisfaction are the main criteria they consider while listing the products in their website for the people.So now you could have got an idea about the reliablity and service provided by this service.So do not hesitate and step in to this website to get the best acne treatment ideas and products.So by stepping into this website there is nothing to lose for you except your acne scars.Give an feedback about this article after your visit to getacnetreatment website.


Jodi No 1 and airtell supersinger shows of Vijay Tv are reaching their peak.Personally i feel that the former show is going on and on.They are conducting season by season.At the very beginning it was really nice to see the show and judges were fine in their judgment.In the later seasons they seem to make it more commercial and have not chosen the right persons for the dance.They should see to that they are choosing the right pairs for the dance show because it is getting bore to see the show as the day passes.Speaking about the later Tv show i have not watched it much in the first season.Now the second part seems to be catchy and i have got interest towards it.I will review it soon.

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It is very important to maintain a balanced diet to ensure the proper health conditions.For that we should be aware of all food sources that are rich in vitamins and nutrients.Vitamin A is very important to protect the skin and mucous membranes,to protect the eyesight,to enhance our immune system,slows down the tumour growth etc. eggs, butter, apricots, carrots, cantaloupe, tomatoes, spinach, peaches, peppers are the great sources of vitamin A.Vitamin B1 is important for metabolism,circulation and B2 is important for cell respiration and resistance to stress. black strap molasses, brown rice, sunflower seeds are the important sources of B1 and Brewer’s yeast, eggs, beef liver are the sources of B2.Vitamin B6 otherwise called as pyridoxine is especially needed for sodium/potassium balance,Metabolism of fat and protein.The major sources of B6 is prunes, peas, bananas, black strap molasses, wheat germ, legumes.Vitamin c is needed for bone and teeth formation,collagen production,digestion etc. Guava, red pepper, cantaloupe, oranges, grapefruit, papaya are the sources of vitamin c.Calcium absorption in the intestine; phosphorus metabolism are carried out mainly by vitamin D.Eel, pilchard, sardines, halibut liver oil, eggs, beef liver, butter, canned salmon, canned tuna, herring, sunlight are the major sources of vitamin D.Vitamin k is essentially required for clotting of blood and to prevent hemorrhaging.The major sources of vitamin K is Safflower oil, black strap molasses, eggs, yogurt, swiss chard, oatmeal, beef liver, kale, kelp, green leafy vegetables, cauliflower, fish, soy oil, alfalfa, tomatoes.Thus it is our duty to take food such that all vitamins an nutrients are in right proportions to ensure a balanced diet.

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Cricket is like an another religion in our nation and almost many of our players are treated equally like an god.One of my favorite player is Mahendra sigh dhoni who as proved himself to be a better batsman and aswellas better keeper in all forms of cricket versions.He got popular with the century (148 ) against pakistan in abu dhabi.Later he was supported well by Gangully and from where he started establishing himself slowly.He got into the team at a right time when the team was in search of a good wicket keeper.He made his position permanent in the team when he got a 183 not out against srilanka and that stands to be the highest score for a wicketkeeper batsman in ODI.His greatest achievement was winning the world cup 20-20 for the nation by leading the team in a nice manner.only with that this shorter version of game have become popular among the nation.Dhoni is now proving himself to be a better captain and leading the Indian team by supporting and encouraging the young talents in the team.

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Bio Farming: Wonderful Alternative

As the crude oil prices becoming dearer, one need to devise a strong strategy to outsmart the current global energy crisis! The fossil fuels from which the conventional fuels are extracted are limited and it’s going to be exhausted within 2100 or so. So it’s high time to think of alternative forms of energy to reduce the thrust on fossil fuel consumption.

Fossil fuel albeit have many advantages over alternative sources of energy is a double edged sword as they contribute towards global warming by adding tones and tones of carbon di-oxide every hour! Thus especially developing nations like India must try to tap energy from jojoba and Jatropha plants which are plants that can be used as bio diesels!

These plants require very less amount of water and they thrive mainly in arid regions of Rajastan in our country. They have many merits and it can be cultivated as a cash crop. Still research is going on in this domain and I hope scientists will come up with a fruitful result. These plants also aid in absorbing carbon di oxide as they are very good at it.

Furthermore, India can tap alternative sources of energy like solar, wind, geothermal for its burgeoning energy needs. I opine that these sources of energy will account for at least 60-70% of the nation’s energy requisites. Let’s try to emulate these alternative techniques in our nation so that our country wont be affected by the present energy crisis! Nothing more to add.


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Thursday, August 7, 2008


The Indian poet and author Rabindranath Tagore, born in calcutta, May 7, 1861. and passed away on Aug. 7,1941 won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913 for his most famous collection, song offerings. A prolific writer (3000 poems, 2000 songs, 8 novels, 40 volumes of essays and short stories, 50 plays), he drew inspiration both from his native Bengal and from English literary tradition. His major theme was humanity's search for God and Truth.

From 1878 to 1880 he studied law in England, and in 1890, having returned to India, took charge of his father's estates, where he saw firsthand the suffering and backwardness of India's rural poor and grew to love the serenity of the Indian countryside. Devoting himself to the agricultural development of the land and the health and eduction of the people, he founded, in 1901, Santiniketan ("Abode of peace"), which became an international university with a wide range ranging curriculum. He was knighted in 1915, an honor he renounced 4 years later as a protest against British actions in the punjab.

In 1890, Tagore published a volume of poetry, Manasi (The Mind's embodiment), which foreshadowed the lyricism, eloquence and grandeur of song offerings and A Flight of Swans(1914; Eng. Trans., 1955). His profound symbolism, abetted by the free flowing nature of his verse, create a universe of haunting beauty that expresses God's infinite love and humanity's deep compassion for all things beautiful.

Tagore's novels particularly Gora and short stories have strong underlying philosophical themes. The plays notably Sacrifice, The King of the Dark Chamber, Chitra and Post office albeit allegorical in form and political in content, remain rich in characterization, sentiment and spectacle. Tagore was also an accomplished composer, musician and singer, as well as a painter and an actor. Later in life he wrote a number of experimental dance dramas, the best of which Shyama (1939), deals with social and religious issues.. Nothing more to mention..

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Friday, August 1, 2008


Today was another fabulous day for Virender shewag who got his another double century.Already he has scored triple century twice one against Southafrica and the first one coming against the Pakistan.He has equaled the record of Dravid for maximum double century for an Indian.Today right from the morning he was solid in his performance even though on the other hand the team was loosing wickets.This indian player is known for his aggressive game immaterial of the bowler or whatever may be the team.He is one of my favorite opening player.He is capable of winning matches single handedly.I congratulate shewag for his splendid 201.I hope the Indian team will be garbing the series.