Thursday, May 15, 2008


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Monday, May 12, 2008


My birthday was fabulously celebrated 0n may 12th.My friends Ram,swami,srini,naren,senthil, bala made this day memorable.Actually i didn't expect that they are going to give a surprise,they came at evening and i was sitting inside the room where two of them were chatting with me and others did the arrangements for celebration.Then i was asked to come their after some time and really surprised with those arrangements.Then along with my parents celebration got completed and then we had a dinner.Later we were chatting for some time and only after 10 they started.Even though they spent only 3 hours in my home they made it to remember for ever.One of my good birthday celebration experience that i had!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


The IPL matches have attracted the attention of entire cricket world towards to it.At present the rajasthan leads the teams with 10 points and chennai super kings are in the third place.The chennai super kings started off well winning 4 matches continuously and created a great impression but with hayden and hussey leaving the team they got a set back.Rajasthan under the captaincy of warne are performing well.The kolkatta started well but were not able to carry the momentum and facing continuous defeat.The banglore team have not yet even one match and facing a great deal of set back.Sachin was not able to play the first 6 matches and expected to play from 7 th match.This season have affected harbajans career to a great extent with the dispute that occured with him and sreeshanth.Still a long way to go to find who will be playing the finals.As a great fan of dhoni i am expecting the chennai team to win the finals.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Kuruvi. The most awaited movie of Vijay was released last week.As usual it created a record breaking opening at box office. It created record waves in collection. Vijay had once again proved himself as a crowd puller. Movie is a racy one. The introduction of Vijay was a different. He comes from a underground drinking water pipe. He begins his action with a race sequence. The amazing race sequence has been picturized well. Vijay performance in song sequences is awesome. Vijay has also performed well in stunts. The only thing which the film lacks is logic. The fun ingredient is taken care by Vivek. Vivek performance is simply superb. His well timed comedy is a plus point for the movie. Trisha, the performs her role well.Playing a villain role comes easy for Suman. On the whole the movie is a good entertainer for Vijay fans.