Saturday, April 26, 2008


Dasavatharam unit is counting its days to rock the entire nation.The universal hero is going to perform in 10 different characters in on film and sure this is going to be a remarkable achievement in the history of cinema.The audio release was done successfully recently.Worlds superstar Jackie chan and bollywood superstar amitab made their presence in the audio release which made the entire film industry to turn back towards this show.No doubt that only kamal can perform such an difficult task with ease and definitely much expectations have risen towards his performance.Jackie chan statements about kamal was really nice to hear who found it difficult to spell the dignitories name but spoke as though he was a good friend for kamal for many years.Now all set to see a big rocking movie in few days and hope so for the best.Sony BMG, which has bagged the audio rights,have made the entire arrangements for the function.The audio rights have been sold at an unprecedented rate, breaking all records.