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Totally Free Credit Report!

No doubt that the credit cards are easy means of purchasing or carrying money, but it’s important to know that lot of crimes have crept in even into credit cards .So its always safe to keep track on the expenses made from the credit card and also enough protective measures are carried on. So there is some one to our rescue and service and they are ready to provide totally free credit report and totally free credit score .They are the in our service .So it’s a tedious task to save the utility bills each time we purchase and keep track of the credit score so the totally free credit report service would be a better option for any one.
The thing to be noted is that the crimes through credit cards are keep on increasing day to day and it may lead to our financial collapse and even exploiting of our personal identity and it may take us to any worst extent to the extreme, So it will be safe if we follow suitable measures to protect our credit cards. Those facilities are offered at the where in we will have to just fill in a simple online form and get registered and constantly keep track on our expenses like utility bills and credit score and take suitable steps as instructed to protect our identity. This website provides free credit report and totally free credit score using the Trans union ,Experian and Equifax .So with this service protection and theft free service is ensured and above all this is a free service .So more information please visit .

Get Into Know About Visionary CEO!

"you must build relationships and recognize that you create your own success when you create success for others.” Says the visionary CEO, Jim Piccolo. This Person with a brief history of success Is the driving force behind the Nouveau Riche University. Jim Piccolo wants everyone to be successful like he is and the outcome of this is Nouveau Riche University.The university meant for real estate education.Jim piccolo as a man with a rich experience of about 25 years with various private and public firms his valuable business lessons and observations are really valuable .The various posts that he has held and the various projects and experiences are the great corporate lessons that even great books cannot give .

Because of his efficient administrative capacities ,scholastic publications and great ideas he has been placed among the most recognized visionaries and innovators of his times .His investments and ideas speaks well of his expertise. Jim Piccolo is a dynamic leader and strategic thinker who is quick to recognize and act immediately on any opportunity. His reputation for creating success has produced a loyal customer following and also his consistent performance and relationships has resulted in a permanent band of ever staying customers .It is really great to note that Jim Piccolo is also into charities and Nouveau Riche University is really gifted and lucky to have a person like him .

Real Estate College NRU!

Nouveau Riche university The University for education about real estate .Real estate in the real sense is money making and highly scope full business area were good business is so prospective .Being born poor is not our mistake but dying poor is our mistake .It is in our hands only .The Nouveau Riche university enables the students to take up or select courses of their choice in various curriculum paths .The curriculum in Nouveau Riche university is designed in such a way that it deals in detail about the risks profits and various profits and factors involved in the short term and long term investments .It also has separate areas that are dealt in like short sales ,wholesaling ,Foreclosures ,Buying and holding ,Lease options, Tax strategies ,the market requirements and various features and strategies in this regards.

It wil not be an exaggeration to say that the Nouveau Riche university teaches the A-Z encyclopedia of the real estate field and gives you the complete idea .The success stories of many people who left their jobs studied in Nouveau Riche university and emerged as successful is a strong testament of this and it will definitely encourage you to face challenges and become successful if you view the .and the website also clearly gives the complete details right from the courses to every requisites and the essential information .


The god of cricket world as made enormous records which cannot be erased from the cricket history as long as the game exists.In November 2006, Time magazine named him as one of the Asian Heroes.In December 2006, he was named "Sports person of the Year. The Times of India has nominated him as the Face of New India next to the likes of Amartya Sen and Mahatma Gandhi among others.Tendulkar has been granted the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Arjuna Award and Padma Shri by Indian government. He is the only Indian cricketer to get all of them.In2003Wisden rated Tendulkar as No. 1 in all time Greatest ODI player.In 2002, Wisden rated him as the second greatest Test batsman after Sir Donald Bradman.
some of the partnership records of the maestro are:
1.The 20 century partnerships for opening pair with Sourav Ganguly is a world record
2.Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid hold the world record for the highest partnership in ODI matches(331 runs against newzeland
3. SachinTendulkar has been involved in 6 200 run partnerships in ODI matches -
4. he was involved in unbroken 664-run partnership in a Harris Shield game in 1988 with friend and team mate Vinod Kambli,
1st Wicket 258 runs with SauravGanguly against Kenya in 2001
2nd Wicket 331 with RahulDravid against NewZealand in 1999
3rd Wicket 237 runs with RahulDravid against Kenya in 1999
He as appeared for the nation in 90 different grounds.Amazing record of 185 consecutive appearances without any interruption.On his debut, SachinTendulkar was the second youngest debutant in the world.He holds the record of maximum no of centuries for both ODI & TEST matches.Most number of hundreds in the ODI 41Most number of nineties in the ODI.Most number of man of the matches(56) in the ODI's.Most number of man of the series(14) in ODI's
maximum runs in 1996(523) world cup& in 2003(673).He is the only player to get centuries against all test playing nations....... His records are endless and still continuing. He is a man of great desire & performances.If you search meaning of records in the dictionary of cricket it will show you "SACHIN".

New Magazine Site Real Estate Related Article!

Real estate ,property developments are no doubt the buzz words of the present .It is an industry where people can earn a lot of money as property development is taking place and the business in this industry is a good pace .So if this business is carried on with a scholarly expertise and a prior knowledge then the scope of turning out successful is very sure .Nouveau Riche university is one such university providing education in this field .Nouveau Riche is recently featured in the popular” Your Business at home “magazine which is a concrete proof for the standard of the Nouveau Riche as the magazine selects only one per month to be featured in it .

This magazine that can be found at book stores and retailers such as Bames and noble ,borders ,hastings ,staples etc briefly elaborate about the university .The expert teaching methodologies ,the success stories of the old students ,the rich educational system and the curriculum etc and the elaborate and wide curriculum covering areas of short sales ,whole saling ,foreclosures buying and holding etc .So more and more details unique features and information from this features can be obtained from the and the I predict that opportunity is knocking our doors in form of Nouveau Riche.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008!

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140 years!

Did you know that for about 140 years,between 1772 to 1912,Calcutta was the capital of India ? That was the British ruled here.But is seems strange doesn’t it,that this sprawling city of vivid contrasts ,of posters,potholes,processions and property,should have occupied such an important place on the map of India?


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Friday, October 17, 2008


India is a democratic socialist country. In fact democratic socialism had been offered as a solution to the developmental revolution which India has undertaken to break through the barrier of under-development, of carrying forward the liberation of many millions of people and pushing through the developmental in all spheres of life. The socialist transformation which India aspires is that of building an independent, comprehensive economy, including agriculture, on a modern technical stasis as early as possible

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Today all the kids and teens have great talents and massive creative nature.It is our duty to support their talent and make them to come out at their best.Sound sleep is the most essential and important thing for the children to maintain their health.The CDs &mp3s that help kids overcome challenges, exercise their imaginations, and get some sleep can be obtained at arena.This arena provides with great products that help them to be success at each and every point of time in their life.They incorporate positive thinking into the kids and teens and boost their confidence.I am sure the encouragement is the best key for them to get all the success.Hence to get further details in depth get into this website.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


India is my country.All Indians are my brothers and sisters.i love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage .i shall always strive to be worth of it .It shall give respect to my parents ,teachers and all my elders and treat everyone with courtesy. To my country and my people ,I pledge my devotion .in their well begin and property alone lies my happiness

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ovation credit service!

Credit history is most significant for you to get the loan.Whether to buy an car or an hose your debit history will be having an greater influence.In most of the occasion people are having an bad credit history with which they are finding difficult to ge the loans.It is better to go for credit repair and fix credit as early as possible.You might be in search of best destination for getting credit repair.Ovation credit service is the best arena for getting your credit repair service.With 23 years of experience with consumer credit report repair they are rendering unparalleled service when compare to other similar service.They are reliable,fast and effective in their operation.They do all the work such as editing,deletion,updating etc to make your credit best for getting the loan.They not only repair credit,they also offer a free credit consultation before you sign-up and the best guidance after that.No Startup Cost,No retainer fee,can cancel at any time,full refund policy etc are the admiring features of this particular service.So this is the right time for you to get into this website and get the maximum.

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Rajinikanth as given an press meet stating that no one can compel him for getting into politics and at the same time no one can stop him for the same if he decides. Hence many actors have shown their willing in getting into politics and now the most expects super star can also join this race. People are expecting a lot from the hero and hope we can expect him to come to politics soon.

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One of the finest opportunity provided by the colleges to the students is placement facility.Making use of the opportunity for the maximum output depends on the fact how far they prepare themselves.The procedure for all the mnc is almost same.They conduct aptitude test,technical interview and then the HR interview.Students need to meet the minimum standards in each level of the test to qualify themselves for the next round.

Foremost and essential thing to present yourself well is your resume. The resume is a marketing presentation. It is designed to sell you: to convince an employer that you are the best candidate for the position.View yourself as an employer and answer whether the resumes have enough details to recruit you for that organization.While preparing resume make sure that it does not have any spelling errors,typos.poor grammar. inaccurate dates and contact datas,poor formating, Irrelevant objectives, goals, and introduction, Long, dense paragraphs.Get enough guidelines from parents,your college staffs before preparing it,because they are the people who knew you well. The resume is a basic personal document that you will keep and update for your career.Spend enough time for your resume preparation.

Then focusing on aptitude test make yourself well equipped with the basics .Preparing solutions from various books is secondary its all about how you approach the problem.The solution can be arrived through various methods but your approach should get you to the solution quickly to get finish it in time. Instead of trying to solve many problems from books you try to solve the problems in previous years question papers of the particular organization which you aim.This will give you enough confidence to get through your test. Almost all questions from the previous question papers available at freshersworld.comFor the critical reasoning section you prepare from Barron’s 12th edition. Those who don’t have barons, you can obtain it from the Internet and get the book in a pdf format. The questions asked are from these.

Yeah….the thing is you need not prepare 4 an interview…its all your attitude and only your attitude speaks 4 u i your interview…...its all this

N-Nice communication skill
T-tension free
V-Vision for future
I-Interpersonal skills
E-Eagerness to learn
W-Willingness to work hard.

Confidence is the only key factor to get through your walk in interviews. Tell me about yourself?, Why Should We Employ You?, . Do You Have Offers From Other Companies?, What Salary Are You Expecting?, How much do you expect? Are the frequently asked interview questions for which you need to prepare answers.Keep in mind that do not bluff any thing then you may find difficult to manage it.I will update my blog with more tips soon.


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The solution for various kinds of ailments and disorders have been found to exist in green tea. The benefits of green tea have been known in China for several thousands of years. Green tea has now been proved to have medical benefits and has been established to have special benefits in preventing cancer and tooth decay.Green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Nowadays, after 40 years people suffers due to pain in joints and finds it difficult to walk even small distance.The michigan reserch institute have found that the EGCG content of green tea will be a better solution to avoid the above mentioned problem and also increases the immune strength of the human body.It as been adviced to take this drink atleast four times a day to have proper amount of egcg content in the blood.Various other medical conditions in which drinking green tea has proven to be helpful: cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease, infections, impaired immune function.
The leaves of the green tea are steamed which preserves the good chemicalsbut on the other hand the black tea leaves are fermented which transforms the good chemical compounds and reduces their effectiveness,hence green tea is preffered than black tea.

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Gadget advisor for you!

Are you in search of best place to get electronic gadgets?I will show you the best arena for that purpose. is the exact destination where you can get enough details about various gadgets.You can also get news about latest and valuable information regarding new hardware and software and other types of computer gadgets.You can come across many reviews of the Network Media Player DviCo TviX M-6500A.The most attractive gadget for me is remote control.Here you can get all the details regarding this can also get to know about online backup service.They will guide you exactly according to your need.Whatever you are in search of whether it may be latest computer hardware, software, gadgets, tech news etc;you can find it here.Get in to details in depth.With this website you can get the best gadget for yourself.


Inspite of many centuries scored by pointing,this is the first time he is scoring an century in Indian soil.Today in the test match against India he scored his first century in Indian soil.Australia are in great touch in all the department of cricket.They have shown their best in all forms of the game many times and still they are proving that they are the best.

Marketing Jobs in Atlanta!

Many would have known about Atlanta.Atlanta is very well renowned for its industrial development all over the globe.This place provides you an great opportunity to make yourself financially strong.There are numerous consumer products manufacturing industries in the city. Numerous industries in Atlanta city recruit people for marketing and sales jobs. Marketing and sales are the major profiles among business operations in most of industries in Atlanta. If you are thinking to establish yourself in these fields,then i am sure you can trust Atlanta for your success.It is very well known that,the economical growth of any company depends on marketing and sales policies of the company. The Marketing jobs in Atlanta have achieved a position in the global market due to their marketing strategies. Industrial development of Atlanta city is remarkable. Thousands of people from all over the globe come to Atlanta to find a job.Atlanta is an great arena for many of them who prefers to have an best working environment.Mainly the Marketing jobs in Atlanta are known for their quality all over the length and breadth of the world.In this arena you can easily spot out many jobs which will be matching your interest.All types of jobs are available in Atlanta including full time jobs, part time jobs, seasonal jobs and other jobs. The part time jobs are helpful to the students of Atlanta. Doing any part time job students can earn money for their pocket expenses.This will ease your burden and will make you financially free for your own expenses. The part time jobs provide work experience to the students of Atlanta.It is the high time for you to step into this website to know the details in depth.The website is user friendly and you will be guided properly to reach your destiny.I am sure you will benefited a lot with this website.You please do not forget to give your feedback in return.Get in and watch your success.


After finishing college many of them will be mostly looking to get a job and get settled,but if you think you can still afford for studies then it is better to proceed with your higher educations.Doing MBA or MS or any other PG courses are the better option to carry further instead of finishing with just BE.Speaking about my interest i am thinking of doing MBA and preparing hard to do the entrance well.Now at present i have got a job in a software company,that is for safer side at present,but not interested to carry with it throughout.I might work for 2 years to gain a work experience but will be targeting only my higher educations.Getting higher educations is most important because only BE is not going to be enough to have a better life throughout.Both knowledge wise and monetary wise you can well establish yourself only by getting more and more educational qualification.So its my advise to all freshers to proceed with higher education to find yourself in a better place where you can have job satisfaction and prestigious living.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008 Provides Everything!

Sports Book websites provides all wagering stats on current sporting events and is updated in real time. The various poker and casino reviews and details can also be obtained.They guide you with the top gambling websites etc.It includes the spread, money line and total points on dozens of games. These gambling websites include every major type of sport including football, baseball, basketball and hockey. It also includes women's sports and Canadian leagues.It is one of the best gambling websites and it can reload all these stats each time you restart the site and every three hours, so you always have the latest info. Due to this site you will be able to find out the best gambling websites which will give exiting moments personally for you.

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The usage of cell phones is unavoidable these days.The cell phone has its own advantages aswellas disadvantages.We can contact the required persons at any time,can message at any time to keep in touch with our friends,with great advancement in GPRS we can update ourself with information at any instant and need not search for system.The major advantage is that facility of blue tooth that enables us to store various songs,videos to ensure the entertainment that we can get at any instant especially during our travel.Although we have many advantages the disadvantages override s it.These disadvantages are the slow process that affects our health conditions.Radiations affect our health,the vibrations affect our ear drums,the ringing might affect our heart beat if we have the phone in our pocket The modem phones with camera have created a great deal of misuse in the society.We are introducing such a inventions for our comfort but at the same time we are supposed to get these comforts only at the cost our health conditions. BEST CASINOS DIRECTORY!

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The best National Anthem!

India can be proud today.India's National Anthem is been selected as the best National Anthem by UNESCO.India is already known for many great things in the country.It is an land of unity and spirituality.Many countries learn lot of informations and guidelines from our country.Not only our National Anthem but also our attitude and Non-violence policies are best in the world.